Kiss Me Kosher

While on vacation in Israel, Maria, a German biologist, meets the bar owner Shira and falls head over heels in love with her. Shortly after the end of the vacation, Maria has decided to stay in Israel and move in with Shira, when a misunderstanding happens and Shira believes she is being given a wedding proposal. Various complications arise, not only about the initial mistaken engagement but also the fact that some members of Shira’s family (especially her grandmother Berta) are opposed to her marrying a German.

After hearing about the engagement, Maria’s parents soon appear in Israel, and two different family worlds collide in Jerusalem.

Kiss Me Kosher was created by Fireglory Pictures in coproduction with SWR, Arte, Erfttal Film, and Bigtop Studios. Most of the shooting took place in Tel Aviv, with shooting on individual days in Jerusalem on 27 days between mid-June and mid-July 2019. The film, which bears the alternative title Kiss Me Before It Blows Up, is Peleg’s debut feature film.

This film has a worldwide sales agreement with Totem Films.