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The Denver Post proclaimed that Jim was “so ahead of his time that audiences have only started recently embracing him as the hilarious cyborg he is,” while also deeming his comedy pedigree “equal parts stage-ruling and experimental”. An innovative and brilliant comedian for over 15 years, Jim was raised in Denver, CO and had a preternatural eye for what makes people laugh. He is a pillar of the now-revered Denver comedy scene where came up alongside Adam Cayton-Holland, Andrew Orvedahl and Ben Roy as one of the founding members of The Grawlix comedy troupe.

Never satisfied, Hickox also was a through-line in the progression of Denver’s comedy renaissance being involved in Mile-Hi Sci-Fi (local MST3k) and Geeks Who Drink – the country’s largest competitive bar-trivia night – where he drove much of the original content and web videos. His career has brought him to High Plains Comedy Festival, Krom Comedy Festival, the Bridgetown Comedy Festival, and the Aspen Laff Festival. He is a paid regular and headliner at The World Famous Comedy Works Downtown, and Jim is proud to say he is the only person to lose the prestigious Andy Kaufman Award twice in a row, in both 2014 and 2015, where, as reported by VICE: Jim “interprets Kaufman’s comedic impulses through the lens of modern technology”, and he “got the most laughs of the night”.

It was after that he moved to Los Angeles and began branching into production. There, he founded Bigtop Studios, bridging the comedy and film gap between the sister markets of Los Angeles and Denver, along with producing comedy show endeavors in both cities — where the top 3 shows in (e.g. Denver, Lucha Libre and Laughs, Boulder Comedy Show, and Cartoons and Comedy) have racked up a total of 12 “Best Show of the Year” awards in the past 6 years. Fortuitously he was able to partner in early on with a company with similar values, Fireglory Pictures, and their synergy has released two feature films and developed dozens of others as they emerge relatively unharmed from the turmoil of COVID.

Jim resides in Los Angeles, but has never forgotten about where he came from – Denver.